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About Us

Who We Are & Who We Serve

Sarawak has always blessed with its natural resources, both renewable and non-renewable resources. Bintulu as the coastal town at centre region of Sarawak, has become the centre of energy intensive industries. Located strategically at the industrial area in Bintulu, HYES always be ready for our customers, offering various services and extensive inventory of high quality hydraulic products and spare parts.

01. Our Background

HY Fluid Engineering (Enterprise) operation started in Sarawak since early 2016, based in Kidurong Industrial Estate, Bintulu. Due to increases in market demand, we undergone for business model transformation. At the end of year 2019, we incorporated HY Energy Services Sdn Bhd in order to serve our clients better.

02. Mission Statement

We aimed to become customers’ FIRST CHOICE in industrial fluid system solution

High quality products and services

Yield effective and reliable solutions

Enthusiasm to our job

Safety, first priority

03. Our Values

HY Energy Services Sdn Bhd is a company focused on building relationships and providing excellent customer service. These values are displayed every day through the excellent people who represent it.

What we do


Our skilled and experienced technical team always ready to perform in-house/on-site maintenance for your equipment. We provide solutions and make sure your system always run at peak performance.


HYES has the capability to design and fabricate custom solution for your high pressure challenges. Equipped with latest design software and hardware, our talented engineering staffs are ready to provide you with innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions.


You need it, we supply it. We have an extensive inventory of high quality products from leading manufacturers in the field, with the ability to delivery almost any items in shortest period of time to keep your business moving.

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