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In-House Services & Repair

In-House Services

Our skilled and experience technicians can provide service and support for a wide range of hydraulic equipment and components. If it’s broke, let us fix it.


Our technicians bring years of knowledge and experience repairing vane pumps, gear pumps and piston pumps of various sizes. We pass that experience off to you, the customer, to ensure your pumps go back operating with maximum efficiency.


Carry it in, or back it in – Various sizes of cylinder, our workshop is equipped to handle the maintenance job of your cylinders.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power Unit and More!

If your hydraulic or pneumatic system components are in need of service or repair, look for us!

In-House Pressure Calibration

The analog pressure gauge is one of the simplest, mostly used instruments. But analog pressure gauge is also one of the instruments where errors are mostly encountered. Equipped with SIRIM certified master reference, we provide in house calibration service for your pressure equipment come with certificate.

Valves Testing Service

Ball valves, gate valves, check valves, safety relief valve, you named it. HYES provides testing service for various kind of industrial valves, including the most common “Shell Pressure Test”, “Seat Pressure Test”, “Joint Leakage Test” and  “Functional Test” for your industrial valves before installation for service. We also provide individual test report for each test conducted.

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