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On-Site Services & Repair

On-Site Services & Repair

Our service team can get to your job site quickly with the proper tools and equipment, know-how, and able to diagnose issues and make cost-effective troubleshooting quickly to keep your crew working and reduce your downtime. HYES is here to get the job done. In the field, where you need us, let us know.

Equipment Repair

Skilled and experienced technicians are trained to repair hydraulic and pneumatics valves, pumps, cylinder and other components on site.

Tubing and Piping Work

At the core of any hydraulic or pneumatic system is a good system of tubes, pipes and hoses – all of which we will come and make sure are properly routed and installed.

Regular Maintenance

You depend on your machines, your machines depend on maintenance. HYES takes care of your machines in order to keep them operating the way they did when you first bought them

Sampling and Analysis

Skilled technicians are trained to do proper oil sampling from your machine on site, which can be analyse immediately using portable particle counter or send to laboratory for analysis.

Pressure Calibration

With certified personnel and high accuracy portable master device, we provide site pressure gauge calibration service and validation immediately, minimize your equipment downtime. 

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